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Hi everybody! I got a new game! Lets talk about Deadpool

Ah yes, the wonderful mutant mercenary that we just love here on Tumblr, and all throughout the internet.

Despite the okay at best ratings and the ever so present thought that it might be a waste of money, I picked up Deadpool! 

As a huge Xmen fan I couldn’t resist seeing my favorite red bodysuit wearing merc in his own video game. Finally I thought, the spotlight is on someone new (and deserving) for a change.

But after the weird Deadpool moment in Xmen Origins: Wolverine, I was worried. What if they sensor him? Will they stick to his character more than make their own? But I have to tell you, High Moon Studios did an excellent job with his character. He’s still that wise cracking scumbag that we all love so much, and he is so very in tune with his personality in the comics.

I think I’ll talk about the story and gameplay after I complete the game, so look for that in another post!

Oh, and one more thing, What do YOU think about Deadpool?

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Just posting with the original source and without the extra commentary.
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That Fallout 4 rumor is completely false. It originally came from Bubblenews around after the E3 and was pretty much pulled out of the article writers ass. Its all just pure speculation and Bethesda themself's confirmed that Fallout 4 was not "Shown at E3 behind closed doors".

from thechosenpumbloom

I pretty much knew that the whole secret E3 thing was a big load of junk but I just love all of the speculations about what the game will feature!

I can’t help but share the most recent news and I came across the link to the article while on Reddit. All of the ideas sound awesome though! But like I said I’m just sharing it to inform people of the current speculations.

Please let me know if you find info on any unreleased games! I’ll love to post it here!

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I happened to come across a wonderful article with new Fallout 4 rumors!

Some of you may have already seen this but gameranx recently put out an article discussing a secret Bethesda reveal of Fallout 4. Apparently one of the people selected to attend this spilled the beans and here’s what they said:

> As it stands now, Fallout 4 will release on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. However, this is still subject to change.

> The actual announcement for Fallout 4 will come BEFORE E3 2014, but will NOT launch in 2014.

> The expected launch is in October 2015.

> The game is (as of June 2013) 55% complete, consequently, voice actors will be hired towards the end of 2014.

> There is no planned multi-player, but there is a possibility of Co-Op locally.

> The game will take place in Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington (and surrounding areas). The main setting is in a Post-Apocalyptic Boston. However, this area will not be immediately accessible.

> The story is not clear, however, Vaults exist.

> The 37 second trailer starts starts with a half-broken phone sparking. The scene pulls out slowly with the stereotypical music you would hear. Slowly you work out the scene is pulling out of a bell tower. As it pulls further out, you see a destroyed town around. This is Boston. Suddenly, you hear the bell chime loudly, and the screen changes black instantly. The words of Ron Pearlman are heard “War… War never changes…”. The logo for Fallout 4 appears with the 5 platforms above listed.

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Shiva (Final Fantasy cocktail) from Artnia
Another of Artnia’s themed cocktails, the Shiva contains white rum, white curacao, lychee, and lemon juice. The cafe’s online menu suggests that the alcohol content is indeed strong. Artnia is an official Square Enix cafe offering not only themed drinks, but even pancakes seared with the image of moogles and chocobos!
Pictures and description from the Artnia website.
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